The All-In-One Page is a backup page that is shown to users who aren't using Kopply or who don't have the app installed.

It ensures that you can exchange your data with any person you want.

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Components of the page

You can also read what's on it below ;)

Section 1: Your information

This is about your first impression. Besides your picture, name and job position, you can also add a little text about yourself, which gives your counterpart some first information about you.

Section 2: Connect

In this section you can make two main decisions:

  • Connect via Kopply (recommended)
    If you press this button, you can connect via Kopply. We recommend this procedure because it gives you the best experience with Kopply. Advantages are, for example, more precise control of your data and automatic updating of contact details as soon as the data was changed by a user.
  • Save contact details
    Save the data directly into your phone book. You will find a link in the notes field of the contact that brings you back to the All-In-One page of the user who shared the data with you. You will not get any automatic updates of the contact, but at least you will not lose the connection.

Section 3: Direct contact items

If you would like to contact a person directly, you have come to the right place. By clicking on one of the buttons, a direct action is triggered. If you want to call the person directly or write an email, you are only one click away :)

Section 4: Follow

This section forwards you to the user's social media profiles. One click will forward you to the profile on desired service and you can continue connecting.

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